Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reports: Copy/Paste for Mac users best with Office 2004 or newer

Working with a customer, we determined that copying and pasting the emailed reports will work properly if the user either has Windows Office 2000 or newer, or Mac Office 2004 or newer.

Older versions result in all the data in one column in Excel or a running sentence/paragraph in Word.


Tomek said...

This is a question regarding an upgrade. I went from lite to pro only to discover that I don't have any of my actual data in the pro version is there a way to do this or do I need to stare from scratch?

Just Me said...

Right now there is not, but we are working on a solution that should be out sometime this summer. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

I have Office for Mac 2004 v11.5.6

I can't paste cleanly into either word or excel; word pastes into many pages, and excel just does one column. Just checked and I have the latest update on Office.

Any suggestions? Am I copying or pasting incorrectly?

Anonymous said...

If you hit "reply" in your email, in the reply draft message all the columns appear with lines around them. Try copying and pasting that into Excel. It worked for me only when I did that.