Saturday, March 21, 2009

UPDATE: MileBug 1.3 is HERE!

Here it is! Update 1.3! Here's what's new:

1) Origin or Start Location
2) International currency support
3) Grand total km/miles and deduction across businesses
4) Display vehicle in trip list
5) Additional instructions on key screens
6) Localized to Swedish
7) Bug fix - Swedish support on dates in report



Anonymous said...

In previous versions when I completed a trip it remembered my previous destination as the next point of origin. In the latest version the origin is blank. This is frustrating as I do many trips during the day going from one client to another and previously it would enter my last destination as the next origin.

Anonymous said...

There actually was NO origin prior to this update. You're remembering having the last destination show up as the destination for the new trip.