Wednesday, March 21, 2012

99c Spring Sale for iPhone and Android!

Welcome to Spring! What a great time for a fresh start! And with all the fun of doing your taxes either fresh on your mind or still pending in the Inbox, think of how much easier it will be next year with the MileBug reports capturing all your miles...when you start today!

So to help out, we're putting MileBug on sale for only 99c for the next 3 days. To be clear, this is only the iPhone and Android versions. The Windows Marketplace had a little slip-up and we couldn't get the price change done there in time. We'll try to make it up!

Only 99c through March 23rd - Get it now!



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reports vs. Backups

Some people have written in about not being able to open the .mbdata backup file on their computer, so I thought to clarify the difference between Reports and Backups. This pertains to the iPhone version.

Under the Backup tab in MileBug, you can create a backup file of all your data. It stays on your phone until you email it to yourself or pull it off using iTunes File Sharing. There is a help guide to iTunes File Sharing at the bottom of the Backup tab. Just click "What is iTunes File Sharing?". The .mbdata file generated by the backup process is readable only by MileBug and is intended to be used to restore your data if you have problems with your iPhone or get a new iPhone.

Under the Reports tab, you can generate a human-readable report in either HTML or CSV (Excel or Numbers) format. You may choose the date range, the business(es), the vehicle(s), and the sort criteria. You can preview the report right in MileBug, too! Then hit Send, and the iPhone Email Composer will appear with your report as an attachment. After entering your email address, hit Send on the email composer and your report will arrive in your Inbox shortly.

Happy Taxes Everyone!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Using Favorite/Frequent Trips

We often go to the same places with the same purpose, and so it makes sense to capture these for quick reuse later. That way we don't have to enter all the information over and over again each time we make one of the frequent or favorite trips.

Add to Favorite Trips
To do this in MileBug, simply scroll to the bottom of the Add Trip or Edit Trip screen and you'll see the "Add to Favorite Trips" button. The screenshots shown here are for iPhone, but the buttons are in the same places on both Android and Windows Phone.

Use a Favorite Trip
The next time you add a trip, you can now choose the "Favorite/Frequent Trips" button at the top of the Add Trip and Edit Trip screens. This will bring up a list of the favorite trips you've saved. Just tap the one you want, and the data all fills in. The end odometer reading of your last trip with this vehicle is used as the start odometer for this new trip, and the end odometer is simply the miles/km recorded in the favorite trip added to that new start odometer.

Enjoy using Favorite/Frequent Trips!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

MileBug for WP7 hits #4 in Business!

With just over 2 months in the Windows Marketplace, MileBug for Windows Phone (WP7) hits #4 in the Business category! And to top it off, it has a 4.5-star rating! Thank you everybody!

Please leave reviews so we know what you like and what we can improve. Spread the word!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Save the trip to have GPS continue tracking

A few users have written in concerned about the GPS stopping in the middle of tracking a trip. Turns out they hadn't saved the trip before driving away. We're working on devising a more intuitive UI, but wanted to help users understand the intended way to use MileBug to get the most out of it.

When you add a trip and turn on GPS, you actually need to return to the Add Trip screen and save the trip for the GPS to continue tracking. The incomplete/ongoing trip will appear in red in the Trips List while the GPS continues to track in the background. When you arrive at your destination, simply tap the red trip and stop the GPS tracking. The end odometer reading will be filled in automatically with the totals added to your mileage log.

Remember: Save the newly added trip to have the GPS continue tracking.