Monday, March 25, 2013

MileBug for iPad is now here!

So many users have requested a version of MileBug for iPad. It only makes sense as many people now have iPads, but who may not have an iPhone or iPod Touch. While it's true that the iPhone version has worked for many people on the iPad via the 2x magnifier, having a UI that is optimized for the iPad will be a great improvement.

Last night MileBug was released as a Universal App, which means it can be installed on either an iPhone/iTouch or an iPad and it will detect which device it's running on...and present the right UI for the right screen! Buy once and use on both!

MileBug is a great mileage tracker for business deductible miles. Track miles by odometer readings and/or GPS. Trip miles are automatically converted to tax deductions and made available in reports fit for Word/Pages (html) and Excel/Numbers (CSV).

Check out some screenshots of MileBug on the iPad!

Buy MileBug for iPad in the Apple App Store!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NEW MileBug Website -

We're pleased to announce the grand unveiling of the new MileBug website, now hosted at! A clean, mobile-friendly design prominently features the 3 supported platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phones), and the Blog/Help now includes category listings down the right enabling users to more quickly find answers to their questions. In fact, in the 7 days since launch, customer support requests are down by over 50%! Here's a peak at the new look, but please go check it out for yourself at