Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Remove MileBug Backups from your iPhone

An iPhone MileBug user wrote in asking if there was a way to remove old backup files from his iPhone. There certainly is, and such, I thought there may be others out there wondering the same questions.

WARNING: For either answer, DO NOT DELETE "appData.mbdata"

Short Answer:  via iTunes File Sharing.

Step-by-step answer:

1) Connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, select your iPhone listed on the left
2) Choose "Apps" on the top and scroll down to "File Sharing"
3) Select MileBug and you'll see your backup files listed on the right
4) Select the files you wish to delete and hit "Delete" on your keyboard
5) DO NOT DELETE "appData.mbdata" as this is your current working database for MileBug

Don't be afraid to write-in with questions. We would love to help you, and more than likely there are others out there looking for the same answers.

Monday, January 9, 2012

MileBug now on Windows Phone 7!

It's finally arrived! MileBug for Windows Phone 7 is now in the Windows Marketplace and ready for download. And there's some fun features that are unique to WP7, too! Like live tiles! Create a favorite trip and put that trip on your home screen for an even quicker start.

WP7 also includes a 2-week free trial period. So go ahead and download it. It's free to try! Then two weeks after you log your first trip, just upgrade and you're good to go.

MileBug for Windows Phone 7 (Free trial, $2.99 upgrade)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Users tell the world about MileBug

It's always great to see people getting great use out of MileBug! So I thought I would share some those that are posting their reviews:

1) Advanced IT Solutions -- http://www.bnits.net/news/31-iphone-app-milebug

2) Real Estate eBroker, Inc. -- http://reebroker.blogspot.com/2011/12/agent-advice.html

3) itbusiness.ca -- "Top Android apps we used in 2011"

4) HomeBuyingAndSellingExpert.com -- "Apps - Jet Fuel for Your Business"

5) AppComments.com -- "MileBug Reviews"

Do you have your own review of MileBug? Let us know (support@milebug.com) and we'll post it! Everyone can use a little more traffic, right?

Happy New Year!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Start the New Year right by tracking your trips!

Welcome to 2012! Even though it's potentially a few months before you start putting together your taxes for 2011, right now is the time to start your 2012 taxes the right way by tracking ALL your business miles, charity miles, and medical miles. And MileBug is here for you to do just that.

How does $1000 tax deduction sound?
The IRS left the very nice tax deduction rate for business miles at $0.555/mile. That's $5.55 for every 10 miles you drive your personal vehicle for business purposes. If you average 10 miles per trip, and 2 trips per week, that's over 1000 miles on the year for a very respectable tax deduction of over $550! If you drive more than a couple trips per week and they average more than 20-30 miles or more, then you're looking at well over a $1000 deduction. And who couldn't use that?

"Favorite Trips" make logging the short trips easy and thus profitable, too!
What about the little trips? The short trips to the supply store, or to the post office? Too much hassle? Not with MileBug. And the little trips add up, too. Set up a Favorite Trip for each of these common outings, and it's a quick few taps to log the trip. Two to three miles here, 3-4 miles there...and you have another hundred or more on your tax deduction.

MileBug on iOS (iPhone), Android, and very soon Windows Phone 7
Apple and Google have emerged as the giants in the mobile app world with iPhone apps and Android apps. MileBug is available for both. Microsoft is making great efforts to join the party with the new Windows Phone 7, and MileBug is almost there, too. It's been submitted...just awaits approval and release from the Microsoft powers that be. We're upgrading both iPhone and Android versions, too. So keep the feature requests coming!

Happy New Year everyone! Let's make it great!