Monday, March 19, 2012

Using Favorite/Frequent Trips

We often go to the same places with the same purpose, and so it makes sense to capture these for quick reuse later. That way we don't have to enter all the information over and over again each time we make one of the frequent or favorite trips.

Add to Favorite Trips
To do this in MileBug, simply scroll to the bottom of the Add Trip or Edit Trip screen and you'll see the "Add to Favorite Trips" button. The screenshots shown here are for iPhone, but the buttons are in the same places on both Android and Windows Phone.

Use a Favorite Trip
The next time you add a trip, you can now choose the "Favorite/Frequent Trips" button at the top of the Add Trip and Edit Trip screens. This will bring up a list of the favorite trips you've saved. Just tap the one you want, and the data all fills in. The end odometer reading of your last trip with this vehicle is used as the start odometer for this new trip, and the end odometer is simply the miles/km recorded in the favorite trip added to that new start odometer.

Enjoy using Favorite/Frequent Trips!

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