Friday, August 20, 2010

MileBug 1.5.4 corrects bugs in 1.5.3

A new release of MileBug for iPhone is now available in the App Store! This release, 1.5.4, corrects the issue with setting the time when adding a trip and adds overall greater stability.

This is a free update, as all updates are. Simply open the App Store, choose Updates, and download the free MileBug update.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately MileBug 1.5.4 still crashes

Jay said...

Hi there,

I use MileBug for my business and it's great.

However I recently found a glitch:
One trip has a double posting in the list. I can't delete one of them because the app crashes when if try to delete one of them.

William Kendter said...

Just got the update to V 1.5.4. This is a great app that keeps getting better. It's easy to use and records just the information you want - mileage and travel expenses. The addition of the decimal point to the keypad that came with V 1.5.3 was great; now you can record accurate total mileage for short trips without using the odometer. Thanks Izatt!

John Cunningham said...

Is it possible to delete former destinations that are no longer needed?

Anonymous said...

YES! See the blog entry "Editing Destinations and Purposes" here:

Fatback said...

Same problem as Jay ^^

Double listings that will crash when trying to delete