Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MileBug 1.5.3 for iPhone Now in App Store!

Dear MileBug Users and Fans!

I'm pleased to announce the arrival of MileBug 1.5.3 to the iPhone. This release brings:
1) iOS4 support
a) fast app switching
b) cleans up the bugs with managing Presets
2) Adds decimal point to the number pad

We've been working hard on an online backup/sync feature, so these support releases have been stretched out. But keep on the lookout as the online sync service is just around the corner!

Get it here: MileBug 1.5.3 in the iTunes App Store
Learn about it here: milebug.com


t.waters said...


I think I discovered a bug in the newest version. While adding a trip and setting the date and time correctly, the hours dial seem to be eight hours behind. For example: Current Time in my iphone ( and Start Date in top most field too ) is 20:57. But the dials are set to 12:57.

If I scroll the hour dial back one hour ( so it reads 11:57 ) the Start changes to 19:57.

Please investigate this bug, because as you can imagine it is quite annoying.

Best regards,


t.waters said...

After some more testing, I am confident it is a timezone problem... If I set my Iphone clock back one hour, the difference between the actual time and the Hour dial is still 8 hours. When I set my Timezone to a different one ( for example, I changed from Paris to Los Angeles) the difference between the Hour dial and the actual time changes ( in previously mentioned example the difference became one hour).

Just Me said...

Yes, we have confirmed the same and will have an update ready ASAP.

Matt Dufilho said...

I've had MileBug for 6 months and it has paid for itself many times over.

This is my first issue with it.

Version 1.5.3 on iPhone 3GS with iOS4.

Will crash not on launch, but on the first key pushed; whether this is a new trip or examining and old one.

When reopening the app will work fine, but after it is closed again, the same crash happens on the first key, and after closing and reopening it will work.

Thanks for a great app. Just wanted to let the MileBug staff know.

Matt Dufilho said...
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rmw8400 said...

I also experience the exact issue as Matt describes. I am also using a 3GS with iOS4.

Anonymous said...

I'm also having same issue with crashing as Matt wrote.

Chris said...

I have been using Milebug since March 2010; GREAT APP!However, it may be coincidence, but since upgrading to OS4 on my 3GS iPhone and v1.5.3 on Milebug, MB crashes when initially opening. I can create a new entry ofter opening MB a consecutive time, but it does take a bit of time. In addtion, when I go to input the ending mileage of an entry, MB crashes. Again, when I go to open the entry a second time, I am able to enter the ending mileage and save. The APP still works, but it is a bit buggy for me.

Lisa Brisch said...

I'm having the same crash issue. 3GS, iOS4.

Anonymous said...

A new release, 1.5.4, is now available that corrects all these issues. Please upgrade right away. Thank you for your patience.

Matt said...


I love the product, however when i try to delete a trip from the list, the app crashes and when opened up again the trip list is restored to the previous version. A trip was duplicated, but I can't delete the offending listing without the app exiting and restoring it again. Using iPhone 4 with latest iOS and milebug 1.5.4 (LITE)