Saturday, September 27, 2008

New App: Fingerspell now available!

For those of you interested in other languages, you'll be excited to know that Fingerspell is now available on the App Store! It's the latest app by Izatt International.

Fingerspell is designed to help you learn the American Sign Language alphabet. It has three modes: Reference, Flash Cards, and Word Play.

Reference provides all 26 signs on a single screen for quick reference, plus a tap on any one will zoom in to full screen. You can also turn on/off English letter labels, and flip between the full screen photos just like you do the photos in your albums!

Flash Cards plays all 26 photos in random order at the speed you specify. Each photo appears for a moment then the corresponding English letter appears.

Word Play lets you enter any word and have it signed back to you using the full-screen photos. You get to specify the speed!

Fingerspell makes finger spelling fun and easy! Enjoy it for only $1.99! Check out the details at

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