Saturday, August 23, 2008

Welcome to the MileBug Blog!

We're really excited to be sharing MileBug with you now via the App Store! What a great way to expand the iPhone and the iPod Touch with so many quality apps (and some not so quality). And now we are a part of it!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and we're providing this blog as a way for you to provide even more feedback so as we continue to improve and build on MileBug, we can do so with your interests in mind. This is also where you will learn about the little extras and what we have coming in the future.

So stay tuned and let's get our tax deductions!


Graham said...

Can you advise if this is useful for the UK, ie can the $ be changed to a £ and is it recorded in miles.
Also how is it exported into an excel spreadsheet as this would be very useful for my business.


Just Me said...

We will be providing the option of choosing km/miles in the next update. Stay Tuned!

Chad said...

Any clues as to when this next update will be released? I live in Canada and would like to us Kms and personal rates for the Kms.