Monday, August 25, 2008

The Presets: Easy selection for easy trip recording

When we designed MileBug, we decided to go with the same idea as your car radio preset buttons. There's generally a lot of writing when miles are tracked in a notepad and we wanted to eliminate as much of that as possible. So we created the Presets. You can setup multiple businesses, multiple destinations and purposes per business, and even multiple vehicles. Each one is a simple selection when recording a trip.

We also didn't want the presets to be required. They are wonderfully useful for those who have a lot of details to keep track of. But we also wanted MileBug to be simple to use from the get go. So if you want to set up your businesses and common destinations up front, you can. If you want to dive in and use it, you can do that, too. New businesses can be added on the fly, as can destinations, purposes, and vehicles.

Under the Presets tab, you can manage your lists as well. They can be edited, reordered, added to, and removed. Businesses can be of 3 different types: Business, Charity, Medical. Each one has the corresponding IRS deduction rate associated with it. In an upcoming release, there will also be a "Personal" category for those wishing to track their personal miles. There will also be the option of setting your own custom rates per category.


RussOniPhone said...

I have tried most of the mileage log programs from the App store and most of them do more then I need and it doesn't make keeping track of miles an easy task. All I need is to keep track of Personal miles and my Business miles, no odometer reading although the odometer dial is cool, but most don't leave the dial where you last left it between trips, I mean between trips why not leave it on the last odometer setting it was on? Plus, the emailed output is to hard to work with, too much messing around in Excel to get what I need. Does anyone have the output from MileBug, I sent them a message..

Thanks in Advance


Just Me said...

Please see the blog post "MileBug Reports: HOW and WHAT" for detailed description of the reports and links to sample reports.