Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Using MileBug Internationally

A new MileBug user from the UK just wrote in wanting to know how to use MileBug in the UK as the app description promised. Believing she may not be the only one wanting to know, I thought this post could be helpful.

MileBug is setup to use the locale/country settings of the iPhone itself. Please follow these steps to set your iPhone for the UK (or whichever country you desire):

1) Open the Settings app on the home screen of your iPhone
2) Tap "General"
3) Scroll down to and tap "International"
4) Tap "Region Format"
5) Select United Kingdom (or your country) from the list

Now go back to MileBug and you're using pounds (or your currency)! You may need to scroll your trip list for it to refresh, or go to another tab, then back again.

To use km instead of miles:
1) Open the Presets Tab inside MileBug
2) Choose "Settings"
3) Choose "Kilometers"

Now you're recording Km!

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