Friday, March 4, 2011

Peace of Mind Organizing Blog Entry about MileBug

Just saw this great little blog post about MileBug at the Peace of Mind Organizing blog. Chalk one up for MileBug in the great battle of tax preparation!


Anonymous said...

Id love you to blog about how this GPS tracking that was in the update is supposed to work/be used. That, or reply to my email asking for help!!!!

MileBug Support said...

The GPS in versino 2.0 is simply "as the crow flies". However, version 2.1 is already submitted to Apple and should be available any day now. It will include:
1) Full path tracking
2) Mapped path display
3) Path editing via draggable pins

The LITE version will remain "as the crow flies". Only the full version will have the rich, full path tracking with map display.