Thursday, December 17, 2009

50% OFF MileBug for iPhone Holiday Sale

Izatt today announced it is offering the full version of MileBug for 50% off as a Holiday Sale. To get ready for a new year of tracking miles and expenses, Izatt is offering milebug at a substantial discount through December 31st.

Version 1.5 is coming with great new features such as Frequent Trips and Expense Tracking.


Sooteee said...

Hi, some great new useful features but let down by the input method, I've asked for it along with others so why can we not have a keypad for fast input of numbers?

Scroll wheels are so slow and cumbersome.

Good additions in the update but an opportunity missed that means it's still not the recording method of choice (although I want it to be), GET RID OF THE WHEELS!


CJ said...

Ya it needs a keypad and not the wheel. The wheel looks cool but we are not using this product becuse it looks cool we want speed and easy of use.