Saturday, July 18, 2009

New MileBug VIDEO Review

Check it out, the AppPodCast posted their VIDEO review of MileBug:


keyboard samurai said...

nice overview, however as a milebug user here is my take on the latest version. The upgrade makes me do more work than I used to in order to log my mileage. It now has an origin entry, but no way to set the default preset (which in my case of having a home office is almost always my home). Even worse, you cannot reorder the presets!!!!! So you are stuck with order they are entered. Since there was no origin option before the upgrade, and there is no separate list of presets for origin, it uses the one I had for destination, I now 95% of the time have to scroll down the list just to tap in "my house". Also because you can't reorder the presets and you can't set the defaults for each log, I do a lot of unnecessary extra tapping and scrolling. It's extremely frustrating to be in a hurry and have to scroll through a lot of less used presets and do a lot of tapping for meetings I attend for my business on a more than weekly basis. PLEASE FIX THIS !!!!!

Just Me said...

We are actually just wrapping up testing on version 1.5 which we hope to submit to Apple within the week. More details on that later.

Let me help you right now. You can reorder the Presets. See the blog entry here: Editing Destinations and Purposes.

Plus, the first item in the list is used as the default for both origin and destination. More options coming in 1.5.

Stay tuned for a feature list for version 1.5!