Monday, October 20, 2008

UPDATE: MileBug 1.1 Submitted to Apple!

As of Saturday afternoon, October 18th, MileBug 1.1 is in the queue under review! So only a few more days at the reduced price...and remember, updates are free!

WHAT'S NEW in 1.1?
• Option for kilometers vs miles (General Settings)
• Custom deduction rates
• Define multiple business rates (reimbursement vs. deduction)
• "Other" business category for percentage tax filers
• Foreign and other special characters supported in reports
• Notes included in reports
• SPANISH version

More updates coming with even more features!


keyboard samurai said...

I installed the update last night. I emailed a report of my previous log first and I am glad I did! It's a little weird that the amount per miles is no longing accessed in the Settings app but rather now in the program in Presets. The program crashed on me several times until i realized that all previous amounts per mile settings are gone and that there was nothing in the Presets. In that state when you look at the Business presets the program crashes. I did that several times and it consistently crashed. Only after going to the Types/Rates and adding a new rate would the program not crashed. A couple of weird thing, I first added an Other rate of Zero. Why am I still restricted to just 4 named types: Business, Charity, Medical, Other ? Isn't that kind of silly if I can add arbitrary rates. Rather than Other I would prefer to have my own category Personal, and then I might like to subdivide that to see where I am piling mileage on the car that is non-business related. The other weird thing happened after I add Other as zero. When I went back to the Trips, I notice that now ALL previous trips were showing zero dollar amounts alongside the mileage. That freaked me out. I went back to presets and entered in a Business amount and then when I went back to Trips, it showed nonzero dollar amounts for the Business trips. If the app is vulnerable to crashing without any preset Rates, why not have the values you had before already there and those that need to change them can.
If you provided the ability to add unique names to the Rates, then you could have four default rates and users could create new names when creating new rates, those added user rates would not be overwritten on any upgrade. Overall I found the app very useful though I think $6.99 is bit high for an app that does one thing. I am not sure I would have bought it for that price. $4.99 would be better and the Lite version should be free (reduce the number of trips to 5 or don't allow saving) if you expect anyone to actually test drive it. Nobody is going to spend $3 to test it and then spend $7 to buy it. They probably will gamble on the $10 app that has rave reviews in the app store instead. Here is an insight to you customer's thinking process, I decided to pay $3 for the full app because on the off chance that it was nearly as good as the app being raved about that cost 3 times more. I am happy with this app but with current pricing scheme, I probably would have gone the other way given what is being written about the other. Increasing price does not necessarily increase revenue.

keyboard samurai said...

Also the cut and paste of the report from email into Excel does not work. Why is this not a csv attachment?

Derek said...

Ow. I got bit by the & (special characters) bug. I couldn't email my report to upgrade to the new version.

I figured it out by exporting each day individually and seeing where the reports failed.

Once that worked, I manually wrote down the trips for businesses with & characters, and then crossed my fingers and did the update.

It went smoothly, and all of my data was in there... but I had to edit each of my saved businesses and reset their "type" so that it would pick up the new set dollar amount... even though it was the same as the old dollar amount.

Sigh. I still like the app. I can imagine it saving me much time in the future. I've only been using it for a couple of weeks.